Texas Toy Museum

The Texas Toy Museum is a small business in the heart of Austin, Texas, that preserves toys from our childhood. With collections ranging from G.I. Joe to Cabbage Patch and even toys from the early twentieth century there's something from everyone's childhood here. Not only traditional toys and games are on display here, there is also an inhouse arcade with plenty of games from pinball machines and arcade cabinets to home consoles! 
Brand Values:
Play: We believe in the timeless joy of play. We never outgrow our love for fun, and we invite our guests to rediscover their youth through interactive experiences.
History: Delving beyond textbooks, we explore the rich history through the toys that have shaped our lives. Discover how each toy reflects the values, aspirations, and societal norms of its time
Fun: Far from ordinary, we are a museum that thrives on excitement and interaction. Step into a world where learning is lively, and every exhibit is an adventure waiting to unfold.
Mission Statement: 
Embracing the spirit of nostalgia, at the Texas Toy Museum, we are dedicated to safeguarding the cherished history and magical wonders of childhood that shaped our lives. Our curated collections serve as timeless reflections of distinct eras, generations, and the vibrant tapestry of our cultural heritage.
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