Iron Gate

Iron Gate is a distinguished gym located in Fresno, California, specializing in Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA). Founded with a passion for preserving and advancing centuries-old swordfighting techniques, Iron Gate provides a dynamic and inclusive environment for sword enthusiasts of all levels.
Brand Values:
Camaraderie: Fostering a supportive and inclusive community where members encourage and uplift each other.
Fortitude: Building physical and mental strength to enable our patrons to go through their life confident and able to help those in need.
Honor: Upholding a sense of integrity in all aspects of training and interactions within the community and society.
Mission Statement: 
Our mission is to create a vibrant community of sword enthusiasts where individuals can engage in disciplined training while immersing themselves in the rich traditions of European swordsmanship. Through a blend of historical accuracy and modern techniques, our members develop mastery in the art of the blade while simultaneously enhancing their physical fitness and mental discipline. We pride ourselves on fostering an inclusive environment where respect, integrity, and camaraderie are paramount. Our goal is not only to produce skilled swordsmen but also to cultivate individuals of strong character who carry these values beyond the training floor.
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