Impact Archery

Located in Las Vegas, Impact Archery is redefining the archery experience by creating a welcoming oasis. Here, fun, relaxation, and inclusivity take center stage, free from the pressures of competition.
In our rebranding process, we are crafting a new logo to embody this vision. Carefully chosen fonts and a color palette inspired by traditional archery targets set the tone for our laid-back atmosphere.
This revitalization aims to attract a diverse community of enthusiasts to our warm and supportive environment. Our goal is to invite everyone to experience the exhilaration of archery in a new light. Join us on this design journey as we create a space filled with endless fun, free from judgment
Brand Values:
Fun: We make every moment enjoyable and filled with laughter, offering an escape from the everyday hustle.
Community: Our range is a place where friendships grow, learning is supported, and everyone belongs.
Welcoming: We greet customers with open arms to create a safe and inclusive space, whether you’re new to 
archery or if you are a pro.
Mission Statement:
Empowering Every Archer’s Journey: Impact Archery is dedicated to fostering a welcoming community through 
our chain of archery ranges. We offer accessible lessons, vibrant parties, and pure enjoyment for all enthusiasts. 
Our mission is to cultivate an inclusive space where every individual, regardless of skill level, finds a home for their passion. We prioritize building lasting connections with our guests, crafting a trusted and joyful environment for 
all to thrive in their archery pursuits.
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